We believe that design and construction should be a vita step in actualizing progress in Haiti. Through careful consideration new buildings create great opportunities for everyone before they are finished.  Kenbe works from the beginning to design/build with local’s input, local materials and local labor to create the foundation of change for long lasting progress. 



Founded by Kyle Fishburn, Kenbe started as his desire to find a sustainable solution to foreign aid.  An independent study with the International Foundation of Hope in Kabul, Afghanistan started his vision with the design of a controversial new school campus that taught both boys and girls.  With that project he studied the teaching of Hassan Fathy who stressed the significance of local involvement when building for underprivileged communities.  Using Fathy’s ideals, kyle developed a plan using traditional local materials and labor to help make the school feel more accepted in the community and to teach a new generation of Afgans construction skills in an area that is economically depressed. 

In 2011 kyle was invited to Haiti to take part in developing a growing organization and new school campus for enslaved children.   There he developed a strong connection with Haiti and looked for ways that he could expand the success and decided to found Kenbe to provide help to other organizations looking to build new facilities and projects.  

After less than one year as a company we have been able to complete a school and medical clinic for Bas-Citronniers Foundation with the help of the Bas-Citronniers people.