Bas-Citronniers School / by Kyle Fishburn

Founded by a Haitian American classical violinist who returned to Haiti to help the  less fortunate.  Bas-Citronniers is within a mile of the earthquake epicenter and is 30 minutes away from the nearest dirt road.  

Commissioned to build a long lasting, low maintenance campus I explored local materials and experimented with alternative construction methods.   Bamboo proved to be the most abundant and provided the right properties to be used as structure and lathing for durable plastered walls.  

A light weight roof design was chosen due to transportation issues and durability.  A hyper-parabolic shaped frame with tensioned bug screen created a rigid surface to brush on a latex cement mix creating a more durable and less expensive option than corrugated metal roofing. 

The school was constructed by locals who previously didn’t have construction skills.  Their participation leads to a more sustainable building that will be cared for over time.