/ by Kyle Fishburn

Kenbe starts actualizing dreams before the first stone is moved. We believe that through design and construction we can contribute and strengthen the vision for Haiti from the start. 

Our goal on every project is to partner with Haitians from design through construction.  We discuss designs that suit their way of life.  We assess local skills and consider local materials.  Most importantly we train men and women new trades to build high quality buildings.

Our approach enables the community to be purveyors of their own progress.  Over 30% of the construction budget is labor, putting money straight back into the community and boosting local economy.  On top of that we strive to use local materials such as bamboo, razwa and latanyé that strengthen local trades and spurs local business.  All this has a resounding effect on the respect and sustainability of the new buildings and the progress happening inside of them. 

At the heart of Kenbe success will be the relationships made with the community members and their input.  We believe education and jobs are the key to Haiti’s social progress and we see the work we do as an opportunity to contribute to those areas.  Kenbe in partnership with locals build the new buildings of hope that Haitians can be proud of and embrace for generations.